We specialize in Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants, Pump Stations, Caisson / Tremie Excavation, Pressurized Pipe, Gravity Sewer Systems, Storm Drainage & Exfiltration Systems and Road Work.


water & waste Treatment Plants

Our experienced project team members have successfully installed or modified many components of potable water and wastewater treatment plants. Installations include headworks bypass, mechanical pipe, yard pipe, vertical turbine pumps, high service pumps, specialized equipment, odor control units, chemical injection systems, ground storage tanks, instrumentation & controls, software integration, electrical, etc.

Pump Stations

Our experienced project team has successfully completed dozens of pump stations across Florida. These installations include new and rehabilitated pump stations. Scopes of work include installation of new wet wells, applied corrosion spray, submersible pumps, control panels, mechanical piping, electrical, instrumentation & controls, sitework, grading and concrete. Many pump stations have been constructed in highly congested urban areas which require maintenance of traffic and project phasing / sequencing.

Caisson / Tremie Excavation

CCI utilizes our specialty Caisson / Tremie Excavation techniques for installing deep concrete structures. These structures are typically precast or cast-in-place wet wells for pump stations and lift stations. This method of excavating / clamming the earth out of the center of a structure and allowing gravity to essentially sink the structure to the desired depth, provides value engineering for owners and clients. This method eliminates the need for conventional sheeting, shoring and dewatering, while saving time and money. This method is commonly used when working in tight areas or when the structure depth is of great concern. As one of the few General Contractors that successfully utilizes this means and methods for installation, we have carved a niche that benefits owners, clients, engineers and designers.

Water, Force Main & Pressure Pipe

CCI has installed miles of water main, force main, reclaimed water main and any other pressurized pipe. We have installed pipe from 2” to 24” diameter in urban, as well as rural locations. Pipe installations include valves, fittings, joint restraints, ARV’s, blow off assemblies, wet taps, line stops, chlorination, pigging, pressure testing, etc. We have also installed miles of pipe via horizontal directional drilling (HDD).

Gravity Sewer System

We have installed gravity sewer systems in highly congested urban environments, as well as open areas. Installations include manholes, gravity pipe, sewer laterals, cured in place pipe liner (CIPP) and bypass pumping.

Storm Drainage & Exfiltration

We have installed storm drainage and exfiltration systems on several projects. Installations include reinforced concrete pipe (RCP), corrugated metal pipe (CMP), underdrains, manholes, curb & ditch bottom inlets, box culverts, wing walls, flumes, control structures, nutrient collection boxes, exfiltration systems, pond liners, stormwater bypass and cofferdams.


Road Construction

CCI employees have installed miles of new road construction and replacement. Installations include excavation, embankment, stabilized subgrade, road base, asphalt, sidewalk, curbing, driveways, striping, signage, pedestrian bridges and maintenance of traffic.



Stormwater Pond Modification with Bold and Gold Water Treatment.